The Chemistry of Insomnia


Sleep is something that everyone has to do, but what happens when that vital part of your life is ruined? Well, it depends on the person and we are not going to be focusing on that, but instead, will be focusing on the chemical and scientific facts of insomnia.

Composition of ...

Melatonin is the main factor in sleep deprivation due to insomnia. Adenosine is another key component in the fact that without sleep it causes the victim to have issues while awake. Factors such as anxiety, depression can cause melatonin levels to go down causing the human that is affected to have issues sleeping. If you have issues sleeping at night it is extremely difficult to sleep during the day, due to the fact that melatonin is hyper sensitive to light.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

The 2 main chemicals for sleep are Melatonin and Adenosine

Melatonin is produced in the brain and helps regulate sleep and is naturally occuring.

C13H16N2O2 (Melatonin)

Adenosine is a byproduct of energy being burned and is released as you sleep and is also naturally occuring in the brain

C10H13N5O4 (Adenosine)

Chemistry's Role

Chemistry affects your sleep greatly. Factors like sunlight for example can make melatonin production slow down and make you more awake. Insomnia affects melatonin production causing you to find it hard to sleep. Although adenosine is normally slept off, not being able to sleep can cause you to hold on to adenosine which is another factor of tiredness. Having insomnia will lead to a dual-pain sort of situation in which you find yourself not being able to sleep along with a burning tiredness. The tiredness you experience at night is melatonin being released in your body, so if you suffer from insomnia it will not release correctly, or it will release to late. Sleep is essential for recharging your body and releasing adenosine, so insomnia should not be taken lightly.


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About the Author

Taylor Cole is a Junior at Billings Senior high school. Taylor enjoys not being able to sleep at night which lead him to spend lots of his time researching insomnia. If you have issues sleeping I am sure you know lots about why now.