The Chemistry of Cauliflower Ear


Cauliflower ear is caused by a hit to the ear either once or repeatedly. It is also caused by the ripping of the skin from the cartilage(tissue) that gives the shape of the ear. When cauliflower ear forms it can cause hematomas, or the filling of blood inside the ear. The blood then goes into the clotting stage and eventually hardens if not taken care of. I chose the chemistry of cauliflower ear because I have wrestled my entire life and wanted to know as much as I could about cauliflower ear. Cauliflower can affect the person who has cauliflower ear by loss of hearing ability, and the permanent hardening of the ear.

Composition of ...

Red Blood Cells: Na+Cl+K+P

White Blood Cells:CD4+CD8(T cells and B cells that tell where injury is)

Plasma:92% H2O+C6H12O6+RCH(NH2)COOH+C63H88CoN14O14P+C5H4N4O3+CO2

Platelets:92% H2O+ C12H22O11+

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components


    • How- The breakage of the cartilage and tissue inside the ear leads to the clotting from the coagulating chemicals. These chemicals go to the injured area of the blood vessels which leads to the clotting stage.
    • What-This helps prevent the injury from getting worse that may lead to going to the doctors to get the injury drained.
    • When-The platelets have proteins that are signaled such as von Willebrand factor, collagen, and thrombin which converts fibrinogen leading to the actual clotting of the blood.
    • Where-This is all happening inside the ear on either the left or right ear(s).
    • Why-Platelets are the key outcome for the injury to clot and is a main key to doing this huge step.

Red Blood Cells-Na+Cl+K+P

    • How- Red blood cells oxygen connects with the iron inside the body in the haemoglobin which transports oxygen with the iron to high concentrations of oxygen levels.
    • What-The blood that flows through the ear leading to the filling of the ear with blood.
    • When-This is happening when there is a breakage in the cartilage and tissues inside the ear.
    • Where-This is happening in the ear from the clotting of the blood.
  • Why-This is a component for cauliflower to build up and fill with blood leading the platelets allowing the blood to clot.

Chemistry's Role

Platelets are formed with water, sugar, and lipids, along with proteins that make up the clotting of the blood. These proteins are von Willebrand factor, collagen, and thrombin which converts to fibrinogen which helps with the blood going into the liquid state to the clotting state. These components like the white blood cells tell the platelets where the injury exactly is. The plasma and red blood cells are the components that fill the inner ear between the cartilage and the tissues inside.

Background Research

Cauliflower ear is the hardening of the blood filling inside of the ear. First, the breakage of the tissues and cartilage is what triggers the blood(red blood cells, plasma, white blood cells, and platelets) to fill the ear. When the ear is filling with blood it triggers the chemicals in the platelets to send proteins such as von Willebrand factor, collagen, and thrombin(fibrinogen) to start the clotting stage inside the ear. This is what makes the blood harden inside the ear to give the ear the deformed shape.


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