The Chemistry of Corn

IntroductionCorn is a simple food that is grown in the ground but can be prepared so many different ways. It provides food around the world. It can also be used to make popcorn, or feed for several animals

Why I picked is I love it it is some of my favorite food. I would have no idea what i would eat as my favorite vegetable broccoli? No way!

Affects my life it’s awesome tasting. It also what my dad grew up doing. my grandparents still live off of. My dad’s job is he sells chemicals to farmers of all sorts including corn farmers.

Composition of ...

75% Starch 8.9% protein 4% oil 1.5%ash 1.7% sugar 8.9% Fiber

Background Research

The process of corn being made is really quite simple all you have to do is find corn kernel plant in the ground and with the right amount of care out of the ground will sprout a corn stalk. then slowly but surely the cob of corn will slowly sprout then the kernel will follow.

This is a natural process. even though it can be chemically altered. main components are starch,fiber and protein.


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