The Chemistry of Bipolar Disorder


People with Bipolar Disorder have very high emotional changes very quickly. When something happens to upset them they start to have numerous things happening in there brain. The person or people who have this are feeling numerous feelings all at once they are frightened and feel as though everyone is against them which then make the person irritated and angry they begin to feel trapped and start to panic and yell and become uncontrolled until calmed down. The brain sends out numerous of different signals. They don’t seem to use the front part of their brain when making decisions under time pressure. In this particular task, at least, they were not using the part of the brain known to inhibit impulsive action. I chose this particular topic because my brother is highly bipolar and I wanted to understand goes on in his brain when his emotions change.Composition of ...

A person with Bipolar Disorder uses a number of chemicals to the brain as a message to communicate with the other parts of the brain and to the nervous system. The messages sent to the brain are known as neurotransmitters they are essential to all of the functions that take part to get the messages to the brain. Some of these neurotransmitters are Dopamine (C8H11NO2), Serotonin (C10H12N2O) and Norepinephrine (C8H11NO3). These are all used in bipolar disorder with different hormones that change things in the brain.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

  • Serotonin C10H12N2O
  • Dopamine C8H11NO2
  • Norepinephrine C8H11NO3

People with the disorder have a very fast paced mind and their moods could change very very quickly and the serotonin in their brain causes them to straighten out the levels in the brain. Dopamine and Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter that send out messages changing moods.

Chemistry's Role

In this I learned that the three main transmitters in the brain of a bipolar person's brain are the ones who change the brain the most and the main three are Serotonin which makes you more relaxed or calm which helps with calming or keeping calm and not over stressing. Norepinephrine is used as a “fight or Flight response” to reacting to things. Dopamine is used a stress or anxiety which is how they become overwhelmed. Chemistry’s role takes place by all of the different chemicals and neurotransmitters working together to create all of the emotions floating around in the person's head.

Background Research

People with this disorder even though they have melt downs and problems they still work through it. There is a thing in there brain called Mania which is where they because overwhelmed and have numerous emotions and start to freak out and become upset and angry and try to find some to blame for them feeling this way.




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