The Chemistry of iPods


I listen to my Ipod everyday, which is why it I chose it as the subject of my “Chemistry of...” project. Some people may say that their pets are special to them or their cell phones, but for me it’s my iPod. Music is a huge part of my life, and I don’t know what I would do without it. I should probably clarify that I like to listen to music. I am not musically talented in any way, shape or form.

Composition of ...

  • stainless steel

8% nickel 74% iron

.18% Carbon 18% Chromium

  • Steel:Fe3C (Iron and carbon)
  • glass
  • lithium-ion polymer battery (free of lead, cadmium and mercury)
    • Carbon and Graphite two main parts to this battery
  • circuit board
  • display
  • plastic

Background Research

Steve Jobs created the first Ipod and released the first version of the iPod on October 23, 2001.

The first Ipod held 1,000 songs, while the second generation Ipod that was released in 2002 held up to 4,000 songs. In 2003 the Itunes Music store opened offering 200,000 songs to the people of the U.S. for $0.99. The Ipod and Itunes goes international in 2004 to the UK, Germany, and France. The number Ipods sold up to 2004 was 10 million.

All Ipod products are designed in California while they are manufactured in China.

Easy steps to follow to get a person started with their Ipod:

Step 1 - Download the latest iTunes version from the Apple's official site.

Step 2 - Install iTunes on your local computer.

Step 3 - Add music to your library on iTunes.

Step 4 - Connect your iPod to your computer and let it sync automatically to your new music playlist.

Your Ipod is now ready for you to listen to it!


Materials used to make Ipods

Date of first Ipod release and creator (Steve Jobs)

Timeline of the Apple industry through Ipods and Itunes Music

Where Ipods are manufactured and designed

Instructions to how to create an Itunes account and download music

Stainless Steel Information

About the Author

Izzy King is a junior at Senior High. She took many science courses during her 3 years so far at Senior including, Honors Earth Science her freshman year, Biology sophomore, and Human Anatomy and Chemistry her junior year. She plans to take Physics her senior year. She plans on going to college at Fort Lewis in Colorado or in Billings at MSU-B studying elementary education.