The Chemistry of Vaping


  • Vaping was intended as an alternate safer use instead of cigarettes. Vaping has suddenly turned into a popular trend for teenagers and young adults in America. Vaping has been controversial for months now due to the fact that scientists do not know the long term impacts it can make on a human's life. I chose this subject for that exact reason, it is highly controversial. Vaping has no significant impact on my life. Composition of ...
    • Nicotine
      • C10H14N2
    • Propylene Glycol
      • C3H8O2

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

    • Nicotine
      • Basic facts
        • Is a Stimulant Drug
        • Found in the Solanaceae plant family
      • How it impacts the body
        • Very addictive
        • Constricts blood vessels which raises blood pressure
        • Releases dopamine in the brain
        • Releases Adrenaline
        • Improves memory and alertness

    • Propylene Glycol
      • Basic facts
        • C3H8O2
        • Holds all chemicals in the vape together
        • Organic molecule
        • Used in fake/theatrical fires
      • How it impacts the body
        • Slight irritation of eyes
        • Can cause upper respiratory infections
        • No major health concerns.

Chemistry's Role

    • Nicotine
      • Where it comes from
        • Nightshade family plants
        • It is a natural liquid
        • 5% of plant is nicotine
    • Propylene Glycol
      • Where it comes from
        • Synthetic man made
        • Organic Alcohol that absorbs water
        • FDA recognizes this chemical as “generally safe”

Background Research

    • Chemicals in Vape
      • Nicotine (C10H14N2)
      • Propylene Glycol (G3H8O2)
    • Hon Lik invented the modern e-cigarette
    • .01 mg/puff for an e-cig compared to the .1 mg/puff of a normal cigarette
    • There is no carbon monoxide in a vape


    • Hon Lik invented e-cig

    • Daily intake around 3 mL of Vape Juice

    • .01 mg/puff for an e-cig compared to the .1 mg/puff of a normal cigarette
    • Trace amounts of Carcinogens

    • Nicotine and how it impacts the body

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