The Chemistry of Pudding


  • Pudding is a desert that people nowadays have for dessert after their meal. The reason I chose pudding is because it has always been one of my favorite desserts to eat after I have dinner. Also just a good treat to eat once in awhile. My life has been affected by pudding because there are actually so much more i can learn about it that makes me know i can learn more about everything else.Composition of ...
    • Protein
      • Amino Acids
        • RCH(NH2)CO2H
    • Sugar
      • Cornstarch
        • C27H48O2
    • Milk
      • Lactose
        • C12H22O11

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

    • sugar is made up of three elements and that is carbon, oxygen and, hydrogen. all of these bonded together to make sugar. this is also a covalent bond.The sugar is in cornstarch which is how the pudding gets lumpy.
    • Eggs are made up of protein and protein is made up of amino acids that give you you energy in your body to help you do things. protein is made up of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen.

Chemistry's Role

Corn starch is the main ingredient in pudding. It is not very soluble so you got to add water. When heated the corn starch becomes clumped together. The hotter it is the faster it will clump together. Sometimes people will add gluten as a thicken her like jello.

Background Research

Pudding is a sweet dish for desert. People usually eat it after they had dinner also You can also use pudding as a snack for kids.pudding is made in a couple different of ways but the new way to make pudding is with sugar, milk, cornstarch, or even sometimes eggs it just depends. Milk is made up of lactose and lactose is a chemical bond that helps thicken the pudding. pudding is very similar to the dessert custard. In older times they could be used in meat food and dessert foods.


About the Author

Matthew Contreraz is a student at Billings Senior High School. He as six brothers and three sisters. Matthew also likes to dance, play football, track, cross country and wrestling. He also lovers pudding he is so interested in it that he decided to learn the chemistry of it.