The Chemistry of Oreos


For my Chemistry of … i picked Oreos because everyone loves to eat Oreos and i thought it would be cool to use it for this project. In america Oreos are one of the most popular cookies, but in china oreos weren’t introduced until 1996 which didn’t become as popular until 2006. Nabisco company had to run ads to teach the chinese people to eat the oreos with milk making it even more of a hit in China. I thought that was interesting so then i choose oreos for my project, and it doesn’t hurt that they taste great.

Composition of ...

Oreos have had many different recipes in the past but the newest one is made up of enriched flour (hydrogen,Carbon, Water, and Oxygen(C6H12O6),(sugar (Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen C6H12O6),soybean oil (C40H80NO8P), cocoa (H8N4C7O2), high fructose corn syrup(C12H22O11), leavening(H2CO3), cornstarch(C6[H2O]5), salt (sodium chloride NaCl), Soy lecithin(C40H80NO8P), And Vanillin(C8H8O3).When all these ingredients are combined it creates the perfect cookie for everyone to enjoy.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

Chemistry plays a lot of key roles in making and enjoying a delicious oreo cookie. One reaction that many people do daily is when they dip their oreo in a glass of milk. You may notice that if you leave it in the milk for too long the cookie will start to deteriorate. That is because the milk components are pulling elements apart in the oreo cookie. Another reaction involved in creating the cookie is the baking stage. When the dough is first formed the reactants are loose and have a better chance of breaking apart . When the oreos black outer shell goes through the oven it bakes the mixture to create a tightly bonded product. To get all of the ingredients they have to use chemistry when mixing various chemicals for a desired outcome, like all cooking does.

Chemistry's Role

The two main components of an Oreo is cocoa or chocolate, and the white cream on the inside of it. There are many flavors of chocolate but Nabisco uses the formula of (H8N4C7O2) Which combines eight hydrogen atoms, four nitrogen atoms, seven carbon atoms and two oxygen atoms for delicious chocolate ready for consumption. In the middle of an oreo there is a compound so addictive scientist say it shares the same effects as cocaine. It is made of a secret recipe containing sugar mixed with Vanilla extract, vegetable shortening, and other secret ingredients. Nabisco won’t release the chemical makeup of the white cream to keep their special recipe a secret and exclusive to them. Another main component would be the sugar in the cookie with a chemical makeup of (C6H12O6) Combining six carbon atoms with twelve hydrogen atoms and six oxygen atoms.

Background Research

In 1912 Nabisco had an idea for a cookie with two chocolate disks with a creme filling in between. And thus oreos were born, oreos are produced in Nabisco factories where enriched flour is mixed with cocoa, sugar, soybean oil, and high fructose corn syrup for desirable texture. After the batter is stirred to make a compound ,workers put it in a machine to make the black circular disk with the nabisco logo on it. The disks are then put through ovens that bake them into perfect condition and hardness. After that the white cream is put in between the two black disks and they are packaged up for sale. Chemistry plays a major role in creating the top secret cream filling, when theycombine all the secret ingredients it is as addictive as cocaine.


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Jace grew up in Billings Montana. He always loved oreos throughout his life. With all the methods to eat an oreo Jace prefers to dip them in a tall glass of milk. He has two sisters in which he eats oreos with. Now he attends Billings Senior High School, Jace enjoys playing football, hanging out with friends, and eating oreos. Jace has two dogs and likes to go camping with them, he is looking forward to summer where he can relax and have fun.