The Chemistry of a Runner's High


The runner’s high is a mysterious happy feeling that is caused by the feeling of stress during a stressful cardiovascular activity. This high provides athletes superhuman affects. I chose this topic because I am a runner and currently have experienced this “high”, but it only occurs at certain moments. This feeling plays a major role in people’s lives because it is what keeps athletes to motivated to continue working out. The effect of the high helps conquer harder workouts for the everyday athlete.Composition of ...Composition of....

The main components of the runner’s high are stress, exercise and anandamide. In this situation the stress is caused by physical pain or stress on the body, Exercise is an activity requiring physical effort and it helps with health and physical improvement if the body. The last component is anandamide. Anandamide (C22H37NO2) is activated when stress and pleasure is present in the body.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

The very first step to a runner’s high is vigorous exercise. The activity does not have to be running, but almost any cardiovascular activity. Stress on the body is the next step for causing a runner’s high. When the body begins to feel stressed during a workout, the body panics and asks for help. Anandamide (C22H37NO2) is a fatty acid that helps the brain feel certain emotions, like pain and pleasure. This fatty acid can go through the blood barrier in the brain. The area the fatty acid travels to the cannabinoid receptor in the brain.

Chemistry's Role

The two main components of the runner’s high is exercise and anandamide. These two components are naturally occurring. Exercise is created by a person’s motivation to stay healthy. Exercise is in motion when the participants heart rate is elevated along with their breathing. The exercise is the key to creating the runner’s high because it is the kickoff point for the high. The exercising activates the anandamide molecules. The goal of these fatty acids is to get to the cannabinoid receptor in the brain. The fatty acids squeezes through the blood barrier to this area of the brain, This high is not man made. It is created just by the human body alone. It is a very powerful feeling that has been present since the beginning of the human race.

Background Research

This is a chemical reaction. The body is stressed or in pain and then this triggers the body to block out the pain with a happy feeling. The happy feeling replaces the feeling of pain and fatigue.


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