The Chemistry of TruMoo Chocolate Milk


TruMoo chocolate milk is made from pure cocoa and fresh, pure milk chosen from a trusted dairy. The milk has a lot of essential nutrients such as calcium, protein and vitamins A and D. With no high fructose corn syrup, makes it extremely healthy!

Composition of ...






-Vitamins A, D


Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components



-Calcium is used to maintain strong bones and carries out many important body functions. Almost all calcium is stored in bones and teeth.

2.Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)


-It is a key role in maintaining health in humans and animals.

Chemistry's Role

The pH of Chocolate milk is 6.74

Background Research

-How is it Made?

-TruMoo is made by combining all of the components in the recipe. The makers of TruMoo carefully make sure that there is no signs of high fructose corn syrup which makes the milk healthier than other competing producers

-Where is it Made?

-El Paso, Tx

-How does it Work?

-Calcium (Maintains Bones and teeth)

-Protein (Builds and repairs muscle tissue)

-Vitamin A (Eye sight, growth, appetite, and taste)

-Vitamin D (Eye sight and teeth)

-B12 (Makes Red Blood cells and formation of nerves)


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