The Chemistry of the Brain

IntroductionThe chemistry of the human brains. I chose this because the brain is an amazing thing. Well my brain has affected my life in every single way possible, The most important function of my brain and I'm pretty sure in every ones life is that it keeps us living.

The brain has been around since before prehistoric time. Species have used their brain also for live along with every thing else they do.

Composition of ...

The brain is composed of 77 to 78% water(H2O), 10 to 12 lipids(hydrophobic), 8% protein, 1% carbohydrate, 2% Soluble organic substances, and 1% inorganic salt (

Location, and How its made

The brain o f a human starts to develops 3 weeks into the pregnancy cycle, by the mother giving nutrients to her fetus. This process happens in a women's womb.

How it works

The brain stem acts like a conductor. The brain has billions of cells called neurons that can produce little bursts of electricity that can be passed though out the body. These burst are what makes it possible for everything we have done, every thing we do and every thing we will do.

Move, think, dream, are just a few examples of what our brains allow us to do.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

The two main components are-

  1. Water-H2O-Hydrogen and oxygen (NATURALLY OCCURING)
  2. Lipids- fats and oils are made from two kinds of molecules: glycerol -a type of alcohol with a hydroxyl group on each of its three carbons, and three fatty acids

It also has Serotonin, Norepinehrine, Dopamine, and neurotransmitters. The more important chemicals. Chemistry is involved the brain by everything we do. This is because everything we do is a result of a chemical reaction. In the brain you can have chemical imbalances. The results of the imbalances cause a number of things. For example, it the cause of Depression.

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