The Chemistry of Dynamite


Composition of ...

Dynamite is composed of 2 things: the first is Diatomite which is made of Silica, Alumina, and Iron Oxide. The chemical composition is SiO2Al2O3Fe2O3. The second component is Nitroglycerin which is composed of C3H5N3O9.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

Silica, Alumina, and Iron Oxide are the main compounds of Diatomite.

    • Silica is composed of SiO2, Alumina is composed of Al2O3, and Iron Oxide is composed of Fe2O3.
    • Silica is Si bonded with O2, Alumina is Al2 bonded with O3, and Iron Oxide is Fe2 bonded with O3.

The main compounds of Nitroglycerin is glycerol and nitric acid.

    • Nitroglycerin is composed of C3H5N3O9.

Nitroglycerin is C3H5 bonded with N3O9.

Chemistry's Role

Dynamite is a chemical explosive. An explosive that, once ignited, burns extremely rapidly. This produces a large amount of hot gas in the process. As the hot gas expands very rapidly and applies pressure to the casing it eventually combusts, causing an explosion.

Background Research

For obvious reasons I can’t tell you, the viewers, how to make dynamite. It is made in South Africa and the United States by manufacturers like Hercules Corporation. Dynamite is set of by lighting the fuse at the top of the stick and then once it hits the Nitroglycerin-soaked Diatomite, you get a giant explosion from the combustion of the materials.


To learn what is dynamite and how it works.

To research Diatomite.

To research Iron Oxide.

To research Alumina

To research Silicon Dioxide

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    • Dynamite is an explosive consisted of a flammable, combustible liquid called Nitroglycerin and an absorbent material called Diatomite molded into sticks.
    • I chose to research dynamite because I was always interested in how an explosive packs a punch.
  • Dynamite affects our lives in many ways but one major way is how they use it when building roads.