The Chemistry of Water


What is all around us. It comes in many shapes and forms from liquid to a frozen solid. Water covers the whole earth and is the main life source for all living creatures. I have decided to cover the concept of water because this liquid is something that every living thing needs in order to survive. Without water there would be no life. Many people would die if water wasn’t available for us to drink. Myself alone relies of water for bathing, drinking, washing clothes, washing dishes, and cooking for my normal everyday life. Neither the less water is the most important factors in everyday life from a small bug to the largest elephant.Composition of ...Natural List

    • Hydrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Hydrogen & oxygen ions

Company added list

    • liquified chlorine
    • fluorosilicic acid
    • aluminum sulphate
    • calcium hydroxide
    • sodium silicofluoride

Pollution list

    • pesticides
    • hormones
    • nitrates
    • chlorine
    • salts
  • THMs

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

Formula - H20

Made of

    • Hydrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Hydrogen & oxygen ions
    • Hydrogen (H2) - the first element on the periodic table. It is highly flammable and easily combines with other elements to create chemical and ionic bonds.
    • Oxygen (O2) - this gas is the eighth element on the table. This gas is highly flammable and will combust if it comes into contact with fire if contained.

Chemistry's Role

In order for water to form, there needs to be oxygen and hydrogen near each other. If energy is added to these molecules, since elements aren’t found without bonds, they will split for a split second then quickly try to find another bond to fill the outer shell of valence electrons. Thus they will either attach back to their original partner or be pulled towards the other atom.

Background Research

How - Water is formed when energy is applied to hydrogen gas. This allows it to bond with the oxygen in the air around it to form water.

Where - This clear substance can be made just about anywhere. Water also has more than one form so is stored around the world and universe inside ice crystals or water vapor.

Why & when - Water forms because when the energy is applied, this is enough for the molecules of H2 and O2 to break in order for the hydrogen and oxygen to create a bond. This is the atoms searching for another electron to fill the outer shell.


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