The Chemistry of the Human Conscious


Being conscious is the state of being aware or having awareness of an external object or something inside yourself. I chose this topic because I did not know very much about the human conscience and it seemed very interesting. My life is affected by this because it is essential for living,and it is the chemical processes that go on in your brain which controls the body.

Composition of ...

The Composition of the Human Conscious:

Action potential


Na+ Channels

K+ Channels


Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

    • Action potential
      • How: The cell quickly rises and falls which sends signals to create nerve impulses which form your overall consciousness
      • What: An event in which the action potentials provide signals along the neuron's axon to communicate with other neurons.
      • When: When chemical processes became a “thing”, so forever
      • Why: To sustain life
      • Where: In the brain
    • Neurotransmission:
      • How: Signaling molecules activate neurons.
      • What: Essential for communication.
      • When: Forever
      • Why: To communicate.
      • Where: In the brain.

Chemistry's Role

Action Potential and Neurotransmission are both naturally occurring and are not man made. They work together to create chemical reactions and send signals keeping you in different states of consciousness. There are three main types of consciousness: Minimal, perceptual, and introspective. Minimal consciousness is any type of mental activity. Perceptual is perceptual. Introspective consciousness is awareness of one’s mental state and activities. Signals are used to send messages throughout the brain and body for communication.

Background Research

The human conscious was first discovered by John Locke. He wrote an essay concerning human understanding, which was published in 1690. He gave the idea that consciousness is perception of what passes in a man's mind. The word conscious comes from the Latin term conscius. Con means "together" and scio "to know.”


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Sadie is a Junior at Billings Senior High School. She enjoys the outdoors and being with children. She will attend Montana State University Billings in the spring of 2018 to pursue her career of becoming a preschool teacher.