The Chemistry of Pepsi


Pepsi is a popular, energy boosting soft drink. It was first formulated in 1898, by Caleb Bradham, an N.C. pharmacist from New Bern. I personally believe that this man was an absolute genius in creating this product. It has always been my absolute favorite soft drink, and will continue to be!

Composition of ...

    • Carbonated Water
    • High Fructose Corn Syrup
    • Caramel Color
    • Sugar
    • Phosphoric Acid
    • Caffeine
    • Otric Acid
    • Natural Flavor
    • Potassium
  • Phosphorus

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

The two main components are carbonated water and caramel color.

Molecular formula for carbonated water is, H2CO3

Carbonated water is water that contains carbon dioxide gas. The gas causes there to be small bubbles in the water.

Molecular formula for caramel color is, C18H9N Na2O8S2

Caramel color is the most consumed food coloring ingredient in the world. It results from controlled heat treatments of carbohydrates.

Chemistry's Role

Carbonated water is usually artificially produced.

This is done by pressuring carbon dioxide into water at the bottling plant. If someone were interested in making carbonated water at home, they can buy seltzer bottles and/or soda chargers.

Carbonated water is man made, not naturally occurring.

Chemistry processes are used to make carbonated water.

Caramel Color is made by a carefully controlled heat treatment.

This heat treatment is made up of carbohydrates, generally in the presence of acids, alkalis, or salts, in a process called caramelization.

It is more fully oxidized than caramel candy.

It is man made, not naturally occurring.

Chemistry processes are used to make caramel color.

Background Research

Pepsi-Cola was created in 1898 by Caleb Bradham, a New Bern, N.C. pharmacist. Making pepsi starts with kola nuts, vanilla beans, flavor oils, citrus, sweeteners, and pure distilled water. These ingredients then go into specialized technology to blend them.Flavor concentrates are shipped from special Pepsi-Cola manufacturing plants in heavy-duty, air-tight containers. Liquid sweeteners are transported in special tanker trucks. All ingredients and food products are stored in clean, sanitary areas, and items requiring refrigeration are kept in temperature-controlled areas.The bottles and cans are manufactured in other placeds and then shipped to the Pepsi plants wrapped and sealed for protection from the outside elements. The labels, cartons, caps, and the carbon dioxide that are used to carbonate the soft drinks and all other supplies used for the making of Pepsi products are produced by other companies and shipped to Pepsi plants. When the products arrive at the Pepsi plants, every ingredient and material is inspected to make sure there are no impurities


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