The Chemistry of a Wrestling Mat

IntroductionA wrestling mat is a soft foam-like material on which the sport of wrestling’s matches take place. It is thickly padded and lays on the ground. The new versions are very light weight. Wrestlers move around on the mat and are sometimes placed in dangerous positions. A wrestling mat is designed and used to protect them from injury.

I chose a wrestling mat as My Chemistry of because I have been wrestling for most of my life, but I don’t know what a mat is made of and I would like to know. I want to know what makes them so helpful in keeping me safe and why they are so soft at the same time. My life is affected by this because I am a wrestler myself. I am very familiar with how a mat feels.

Composition of ...

Vinyl- made ethylene and chlorine

ethylene-made of carbon(C) and hydrogen(H)


Polyester- polyester is made up of ethylene glycol and adipic acid.

Ethylene glycol- organic compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

adipic acid- hydrogen carbon oxygen

Foam- made of polystyrene. And polystyrene is made of carbon(C) and hydrogen(H).


About the Author

The maker of this video is Luke Paine. He is a junior at Billings Senior High and he plays football and wrestles for the Broncs. He has been wrestling for most of his life and is a two time state placer for the broncs. He wants to know what a wrestling mat is made of.