The Chemistry of Negative Photos

IntroductionA negative image is a total inversion of a positive image, in which light areas appear dark and dark areas appear light. A negative color image is additionally color reversed, with reds appearing cyan, greens appearing magenta, etc.

Composition of ...

Negative Photo’s are made from technology. They aren’t made from chemicals. They are made by the colors in the picture being switched on the light spectrum.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

The negative photo effect doesn't have much to it. It’s basically just using technology to switch the colors around. But, to make the negative photo effect on your computer is a different story. Here is steps on how to make a regular picture an intense negative portrait!

Step 1: Paste your image onto your canvas.

Step 2: With the image selected, click on Filters>Adjust color> Hue/Saturation

Chemistry's Role

In negative photo’s, chemistry’s role is VERY important! It uses the light spectrum to switch colors around to make it look completely different.

Background Research

Henry Fox Talbot was the man who invented the negative photo effect.



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