The Chemistry of Blistex


For my chemistry of I chose to research Blistex. Blistex is one of the top chapsticks used in the world. Blistex leaves your chapped dry lips into smooth and moisturized lips. Also Blistex contains sunscreen in order to protect your lips from harmful rays of the sun.I never have to worry about my lips being dry and chapped anymore because after one use they feel healthier. I use Blistex everyday and my lips are always smooth and safe from the sun.

Composition of ...

The compostition of Blistex is made of 25% solid wax and 75% liquid oil. Not only is Blistex oil and wax but it is combined into thickeners, emollient, moisturisesr, lubricants, emulsifiers, preservatives, cooling agents, and sunscreen. There are four different ingredients that make up the thickeners used in Blistex. The four ingredients are isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, and besswax. When adding thickeners to a product such as Blistex it will make the chapstick bulky. The emollients are next which is a natural moisturizer that smooths and softens dry lips. Next comes the moisturizers made from petrolatum and mineral oil that helps prevent lips from peeling and becoming dry. After moisturizers come lubricants made from cetyl palmitate and isopropyl stearate that causes the smooth appearance of your lips. Some of the last ingredeients include emulsifiers, preservatives and cooling agents. Lastly comes the most important ingredient which is the sunscreen that will protect your lips from the harmful sun’s rays

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

The two main components used in Blistex would be suncreen and the lip protectors. Sunscreen is a phyto-nutrient containing vitamin E. Some of the ingredients found in sunscreen are Octinoxate is a 7.5% organic compound that is soluble in water, Oxybenzone 2.5% and Octisalate which is 5% of the entire compound. The second main component in Blistex is the lip protectors. Lip protectors include Dimethicone and lanolin helping protect the lips from peeling or drying. By combining these components you have a promising chapstick for healthy, soft lips.

Chemistry's Role

Chemistry plays a role in the production of Blistex chapstick. As all eight products areplaced into Blistex chemistry is being produced. The different combinations of the ingredients being placed into the Blistex causes a chemical reaction to form becoming the finished product.. the chapstick. Chemistry plays a role in everyday items and this includes Blistex chapstick.

Background Research

Founded in 1947 in Oak Brook, Illinois the blistex incorpoation was created by a small family company. Blistex is still being sold rapidly in stores all over the world. Blistex is a chapstick that can be used year round.Blistex is made in a privately help enterprise but is expanding to different Beauty Industries. The SPF in Blistex is 15 and has three long lasting protectants to seal in all day moisture into chapped lips. After using Blistex your lips will no longer be chapped and will have lasting protection. Blistex is a top chapstick used in the world and works very well.


-different ways to make lip balms

-the effects and benefits


-moisturizers and benefits

-main ingredients

-benefits and blistex’s job for lips

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-the benefits of chapstick and how it protects lips

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