The Chemistry of Ice Cream

Introduction I have chosen the chemistry of ice cream! I have chosen this item because it is my favorite food/sweet; however you like to view this. Ice cream is a delectable dessert that is cold on the tongue and yummy in the tummy. It can be any color of the rainbow and has many different flavors. Ice cream is a dessert that is made of dairy products and sugar.It is a semi solid foam that can be scooped out of a tub into a bowl or cone for you to enjoy! My life is greatly affected by ice cream because I eat it on a daily basis.

Composition of ...

Ice cream at its simplest stage is made of milk, sugar, cream, and some sort of flavoring like fruit puree or vanilla. Another essential ingredient in ice cream is air. The simplest type of ice cream can be made right at home! Others can be made in factories or restaurants.

Basic Steps of Manufacturing:1.blending of the mix ingredients2.pasteurization3.homogenization4.aging the mix




Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

Sugar and Milk are the two main ingredients of ice cream.

Sugar’s (fructose) molecular structure is C6H12O6

Milk does not have a fixed molecular structure. It is an emulsion or colloid of butter-fat molecules within a water-based fluid. These particles are made of phospholipids and proteins. There are too many components in milk to have a basic chemical formula so it is just a very complex mixture.

Chemistry's Role

Both are naturally occurring ingredients.

Sugar comes from sugar cane plants.

Milk comes from dairy farm cows.

Ice cream is made artificially.

Background Research

Ice cream dates all the way back in print to 1744. A man named Thomas Black from Virginia sampled it as a guest of Governor Thomas Bladen of Maryland.

The first ice dessert was probably prepared for the Roman emperor Nero Claudius Caesar during the 1st century A.D. It was made from snow and fruit juices and other flavorings. After the decline of Rome the technique for making ice desserts seems to have been lost.


listed the ingredients needed to make ice cream

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