The Chemistry of Bazooka Bubble Gum


Bazooka bubble gum was first manufactured by Topps company in the late 1940s. Bazooka gum has little comics that come in every package which started in 1953 and tell of Bazooka Joe and his adventures. Over 700 Bazooka comics have been made over the years. I choose Bazooka gum because it has always been my favorite type of gum since I was little.

Composition of ...

    • sugar
    • gum base
    • glucose syrup
    • natural and artificial flavors
    • glycerine
    • citric acid
    • titanium dioxide
    • BHT (preservative)
    • red 40 lake
  • red 40

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

The two main components of Bazooka gum are sugar and gum base. Sugars form is C12H22O11 and gum bases form is C12H24O11. Sugar is commonly used in most of the foods we eat, but gum base is a main ingredient in making gum.

Chemistry's Role

Sugar comes from sugar cane or sugar beets which are naturally grown and then processed. Gum base is produced from a blend of raw materials: elastomers, resins, plasticizers, fillers, and antioxidants. Bazooka bubble gum is man made. Chemistry is involved because all these different ingredients are mixed together to form Bazooka gum.

Background Research

Bazooka gum comes from a plant in Mexico. It is made by Topps Company. The colors on the Bazooka gum wrapper symbolize U.S. Patriotism. Over the years the flavors have extended from the original to grape, strawberry, and many others. Also, it is sold all around the world.


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