The Chemistry of Urine


Urine or “pee” as many people call it is the fluid excreted from your body through the process of urination. I chose the chemistry of urine because I find processes in the body very fascinating. Urine affects me just like it affects everyone. We all urinate and therefore we are all affected by urine.

Composition of ...

Normal urine has water, salts, urea, and pigments. Urine is more than 95% water and is an aqueous solution. Average urine contains .75 g/L of potassium, .67 g/L of creatinine, 1.87 g/L of chloride, and 1.17 g/L of sodium. Urine also contains many different organic compounds and inorganic compounds.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

Water- H2O

Urea- CH4N2O

Salts- Contains inorganic salts and organic compounds, proteins, hormones and lots of metabolites.

Pigments- The color comes from a pigment called urochrome which is : C33H42N4O6

Chemistry's Role

Urine is a natural occurring liquid that forms from processing through the body. The contents of the urine is first started from foods and liquids consumed. Then it is filtered through the body in the process of urination and then excreted out of the body. During all of this, Chemistry is playing a constant role through the start of digestion, to the end of excretion.

Background Research

    • Color indicates hydration
    • Ph of urine can be influenced by diet
    • Smell can indicate age and presence of glucose and ketones(an organic compound containing a carbonyl group =C=O bonded to two hydrocarbon groups, made by oxidizing secondary alcohols. The simplest such compound is acetone.)
    • Urinalysis is the process of analyzing and detecting chemicals excreted in urine.
    • Secreted by kidneys and excreted by urethra

How?- The blood is filtered in the kidneys and after processing, the waste (urine) exits the kidneys through small tubes made of muscle fibers called ureters. The ureters shoot the urine into the urinary bladder where it is then stored until expelled by urination. The final product that comes out of the body is called urine.


    • Characteristics of urine
    • Facts
    • Composition

    • What the urine is made of
    • Composition

    • Structure of urinary system
    • Functions of urinary system\

    • Components in urine

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