The Chemistry of a Baseball Base


In my project I am going to do the chemistry of a baseball bag. The reason I chose this for my project is that i love the game of baseball and a baseball bag is important part of the baseball. Baseball is a game that consists of 4 bases, a ball and bat, and two teams that have at least nine players on each team. The game consists of seven of nine innings where each inning a team gets three outs. The object of the game is to get runners on the baseball bases and move them around by hitting the ball. A runner must successfully touch all three base in a counter-clockwise order and touch the triangle base know as home plate to give their team a point.

Composition of ...

The composition of a baseball is pretty simple because it is mostly made of rubber,canvas and metal used to hold the bag in place.

  • Rubber- rubber can come from many different sources but one source is polyisoprene, this comes trees and can also be found in tires, shoes and some adhesives. This can be found in the inner part of the bag, this is because when a baseball player slides into the base it is not super hard
  • Canvas- Today this is canvased is usually made from either cotton or linen. When in the process of making canvas cotton or linen is tightly woven together to create a strong, leather type material. This is not always used in the making of a baseball base though.
  • Steel- This metal is commonly found holding baseball bases to the ground so when a player slides or steps on it the base will remain in the same place. Steel is made in a mill where they combine one carbon with th

Background Research

A baseball base has been used since the beginning of baseball. You can not play a baseball game without having four bases. Over the years the composition of these bases have changed tremendously. Baseball was founded from the game of cricket which was played in 1697 in Sussex England.


the history of baseball in general and how the game came about

The different layers of a baseball bagSize of the base

What is canvasHow canvas is made What the history of canvas is

What is iron What is the composition of iron