The Chemistry of Laughter


    • Laughing is a part of everyones life, even if they are a negative type person, they have laughed at least once in their life.
    • I chose the chemistry of laughing because everyone in the world laughs. As young as 4 months old is when we begin to laugh and its a universal language.
    • My life is affected by laughing in plenty of ways such as funny jokes, TV shows, being with funny types of people, or being tickled.

Composition of ...

    • Endorphins C158H251N39O46S
    • Dopamine C8H11NO2

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

    • The two main chemicals, compounds, or components that are used when we laugh is Endorphins and Dopamine.
    • Endorphins (C158H251N39O46S) are the natural happy drug that is released in the body. They are a group of peptide hormones. Endorphins also increase pain tolerance and they affect your emotions.
    • Dopamine(C8H11NO2) is produced in the brain when we laugh. It is a neurotransmitter and has a role in the Central Nervous System.

Chemistry's Role

There are several ways that chemistry is involved when laughing.When we laugh, Endorphins are released from the pituitary gland into the blood and then into the brain and into the spine.When laughing, the dopamine chemical is released in the brain and then are sent as a signal to other nerves in the body.

Background Research

Laughing has been around ever since the first human was born and is very contagious .There are several theories that explain laughter.Sigmund Freud created The Relief Theory and is summarized by it being a tension releaser. A philosopher, John Morreal has a theory that it is a shared expression to relieve the passing of feeling in danger. However, of course, laughter IS the best medicine.


increases pain resistance

bonds groups of people together

Dopamine is released in your brain

Adrenalin is also released

when laughing, the body produces more gamma interfection T-cells and disease fighting cells

boosts the immune system

involuntary reactions in humans


Also known as laughing gas



natural narcotic


What happens when we laugh

Releasing endorphins


What happens in the brain with endorphins

What happens in the brain with dopamine


About the Author

Elizabeth Stauffer is a Senior at Billings Senior High School. She enjoys being with her family and friends. She also likes to travel and do whatever makes her and others happy.