The Chemistry of Slushies

IntroductionThe slushy all starts out as antifreeze solution, flavoring, and water. The first thing to break down is the machine that makes it all happen. It is a simple machine it has a tank for storage an ore for stirring, a compressor, condenser,expansion valves, and evaporation tubes. the compressor pushes a refrigerant through a condenser , transforming it from liquid to gas and because evaporation needs heat it absorbs it from whereeverit can. So while this transformation absorbs from the solution the temperature drops to about 27 degrees, but in the mixture of sugar and water stays liquid. this happens because the sugar molecules mix with water molecules and prevent water molecules from forming crystals

About the Author

Ashton Olson is a junior at Billings Senior High, he enjoys playing football. He also enjoys learning about the wonders of chemistry!!!! He will be teaching you about how slushies are made!!