The Chemistry of Love

IntroductionWhat is love? Love is a critical feeling to the continuation of the life cycle. It is an addiction as some people would describe it but without the feeling life would not succeed.

I picked love as my project because many high school kids say they are in love but they really need to find out what “love” really is.

I think my life has been affected by love because i am looking for someone to love in my life. I’m looking for someone to raise a family with which is part of the life cycle.

Composition of ...

Love is made up of certain chemicals that are released in your brain when you fall in love. These chemicals consist of dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) hormone, nerve growth factor, testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin

Background Research

The first chemical comes from the brain that releases a neuro-transmitter chemical called dopamine. Dopamine leads to the heart beating three times faster than normal. This extra pounding of the heart causes more blood flow to certain parts of the body like the cheeks and is the reason why you get butterflies in your stomach. Since the blood is traveling to these specific parts of the body, it causes your hands to get cold and sometime a shiver sets in. When the body releases these special chemicals it is the answer to why you get the feel good, happy sensation. Love can lead up to sexual activity and scientist have test to show that love making is good for you, but you need to attain the right age for this to help your body.

In love making, the body lets off hormones called endorphins. These chemicals help reduce the chronic pain of headaches, arthritis, and migraines. It also is good to calm anxiety and ease fear. Some researchers say these hormone can help the immune system to fight off colds and certain infections. small studies say that oxytocin and DHEA can help reduce breast cancer cells from turning into tumors. It has been one reason people live longer lives as well as beneficial affects to the immune system and the heart.

You might be thinking why dont we fall head over heels for everyone? Well this do to a bunch of more chemicals that our body releases. Our noses will not catch the scent but our brains will. Our bodies are looking for the most diverse immune system that is why we do not fall in love with a close relative. Mankind needs the most diverse immune system or one disease could wipe us all out. Love is just like cocaine. The people who snort it get addicted. Same with love people can get addicted. It could become a problem but it also can be good. All of these are examples of what love can do. This all happens because of the release of special chemicals when falling in love.


About the Author

His name is Chance Ackerman. He is a junior at senior high. He loves football, baseball, and long walks on the beach. ;) ( the only lake around his home is Lake Elmo! haha )