The Chemistry of the Love of Baseball


In this project i’m going to talk about the chemistry of baseball and why we love it. The reason that i’m doing this is because the love for the sport is so important to the game. Baseball has never stopped, even during some of America's hardest times and people still played. When you start to play baseball it has this power that that just connects with you. Baseball is a sport that comes around every summer and it pulls millions of people in to come together and watch it. We love going to the games because there are so many many friendly people and everyone is so hyped up to see the game and everything in between each pitch. Baseball is a sport that you need cooperation and teamwork. Now this is what brings people closer.Composition of ...

The composition of the love for baseball are love and adrenaline.

    • The chemical composition for love is C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2.

Now that’s long and if we put that much love into baseball it’s hard to not love it.

The chemical composition for adrenaline is C9H13NO3. Now this is what you gets you hyped for all games

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

How do we love this game? We love this game because it is apart of our american history and we’ve been playing baseball for over a century. What do you need to have a fun time to fall in love is a hotdog and a soda. Then you can sit back watch and even yell at the other team if your feeling a little crazy.Baseball was played during both world wars and help keep the people back at home entertained. Baseball has kept us entertained over the decades of its

Why do Girls love baseball? Girls love to watch the game because they get to watch guys run around in baseball pants / shorts with tall socks. For some reason girls love this part about baseball the most. Baseball is played everywhere anyone can set up a baseball diamond. And the people that play for a league play on public and or private fields.

Chemistry's Role

The role in baseball and why we love it is played into its own chemistry role. The way that baseball is loved is by watching and observing this great sport. The love is naturally occuring to lots of people. The role that baseball plays is entertainment for people.

Background Research

Baseball is a game that you can’t judge because you don’t know what is going on.

You don’t even have to know what’s is going on to have fun and watch the game.

The only reason you can really hate baseball is because they could never play it or never gave it a try. Baseball is just a game that if you ever gave it a chance you would love it. The Chemical for baseball is the love for the game.


    • Chemical composition of love.

    • Why baseball is important to Americans.

    • The connection baseball has with you.

    • Bring people to come and watch the game.

    • People are always pumped for games.

    • Seasonal sport.

    • You’ll never know what might come next.

About the Author

Ethan Opp is a junior at Billings Senior High. He really enjoys playing baseball for the American legion Post 4. He is going to college but doesn’t know where he wants to go yet. What he wants to do in college is get a degree in pharmacy. During the winter he likes to spend his time with his friends snowboarding up at the mountain. In his off time he is always working to get better with sports. He never has a off day, always grinding to get better!