The Chemistry of Fire


Fire has been around since the beginning of time. It has just taken humans a bit to learn how to use it and make it. At first, they just used it for warmth and light. Now that we have learned how to use it more we have so much that fire is used for. We are now able to keep an entire building warm thanks to fire. Theres a little blue flame and then electricity does the rest in spreading the heat throughout the building. People used to use fire as light before the light bulb was invented. We now also use fire to melt certain metals or minerals to make them into parts for cars, buildings, clocks, computers, and tv's. Fire is also used in fireworks. It’s obviously a main thing needed with fireworks.

Composition of ...

Combustion; the act or process of burning. This is the reaction that happens when fire has its chemical reaction. For combustion and fire to occur, three things must be present first, fuel, oxygen and energy. The gases that are released is what we call smoke. Smoke is hydrogen, carbon and oxygen coming from the fire which is what creates the smoke.

Main Chemicals, Compounds, Components

Fire consists of carbon dioxide(CO2), water vapor(H2O), oxygen(O2) and nitrogen(N2). When making a fire, people need wood to get the fire going and the wood is the fuel that is needed to keep it going also. Wood contains lignite which is an organic polymer (C6H10O5). Oxygen is the second key part to a good fire. Like everything on this planet, it needs oxygen. So if you deprive the fire of oxygen, then it won’t light. Oxygen is the key to everything here, it’s been around since the earth was made.

Chemistry's Role

Combustion is a form of chemical reaction and combustion is what happens when fire is created and it needs to keep happening to keep the fire going.


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